Donation to the guide dogs

Spirit’s office mascot Zeus the golden retriever made a donation to the Guide Dog Association at the 2012 Nextra Annual Conference. The Nextra Group, through the generosity of its members, that is the owners and managers of Nextra and News Extra Newsagencies and the kindness of suppliers, have made a continuing commitment to GDQ as…

Tabita is growing up!

Spirit Publishing supports the Acamdey Chantal Mauduit in Nepal. In particular Spirit has support a young girl Tabita. Tabita is growing up.

You can support the Association Chantal Mauduit by making a donation. Donations will be used to maintain the new school and orphanage.

Tons of New Humour for 2012!

It’s only mid-March, but so far Spirit has released nearly 30 new humour designs!  Coming from great artists like DCI, Smart Alex, Nobleworks, Oatmeal, and Ephemera, these new designs are fall-down funny and not to be missed!  They are now available in stores.  Here’s a sneak preview of a few of our favorites.  Enjoy!