Spirit Humour

Spirit Humour is a corner stone for retailers looking for something different, fun and profitable! We search the globe for the best humour in the market, and we have proven properties and artists that consistently perform – every time, all the time. Many artists make up the spirit eclectic mix and we’re always looking out and adding more, to make sure our humour offering is the best in the market! Stay tuned as more new humour is on the way! The cards shown below are only a small selection of our overall Spirit Humour range.

Gentle Spirit

From photographer Giovanna Aryafara, our first spiritual range takes viewers on an ethnic adventure through striking photography. A magical combination of extensive travel in Nepal, India, Burma (Myanmar) and Cambodia, and an eye for her surroundings allows Giovanna to capture these amazingly passionate and emotional images which are showcased in the Gentle Spirit collection of greeting cards images. Experience the journey into the world of Gentle Spirit and discover the beauty, the passion, and the dream of creating a better place in the world through deeds and commitment.

Graphique de France

Voila! Graphique de France! Long known for their upmarket design and fashion-forward products, Graphique’s unique imagery and attention to quality mark this newest spirit range as a high profile must-have. Graphique’s unique product development and approach focuses on lifestyles, incorporating the latest trends and production techniques to create a glorious selection of products that satisfy a broad range of consumer interests and styles. Always focused on being chic, this collection takes every detail and trend into account and creates a well-rounded consumer-captivating range. Many of the images have glitter and other special finishes, and all cards are printed on high-quality stock.

Meri Meri

Inspired by their surroundings and their own un-extinguishable passion, the Meri Meri design team effortlessly cast their magic over paper, resulting in an endlessly increasing array of cards and other wonders. Their aim is to be continually ahead of the game and supply products which will delight and enchant, time and time again. Spirit carries an extensive range of Meri Meri product—please contact your sales Account Manager or call Customer service to view our complete offering. Below are samples of all items in this category. Please select from the subcategories in the menu to view the order forms and catalogues of each individual range.