Perks Over 30

Front: The perks of being over 30


  • 40-year-olds are jealous of you
  • Hangovers can last for days, keeping you from drinking every night
  • You can afford the more expensive skin-care products that you now really need
  • No one gives a damn if you’re in yoga pants
  • Your friends invite you to party every Saturday— at their baby showers
  • You get plastered on a much better quality of alcohol
  • Your grey streaks pass for hair highlights
  • You can now stream all those movies you missed while you were having fun in your twenties
  • You take everything with a grain of salt— especially margaritas
  • You treat your body better even though it treats you worse
  • You have now mastered the fine art of not giving a shit

Happy birthday!


Card measures 165 x 115 mm (folded). Comes with one envelope (orange).

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